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VadliDate (powered by StarkRFID) is providing tickets for Mercedes Benz Stadium

ValiDate ProTicket provides ticketing for the new $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz stadium

(Aug 30, 2017) —The new Mercedes-Benz stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, is winning rave reviews for its architecture and fan amenities. Its state-of-the-art design, which includes a retractable roof, Window to the City (a 16-story wall of glass facing downtown Atlanta) and “halo board” video screen will make a game-day experience unlike any other in pro sports.

ValiDate by StarkRFID
The stadium’s high-tech array will also feature tickets from Validate ProTicket, powered by Stark RFID. ValiDate ProTicket is our premium ticketing company, serving sports and entertainment venues that need RFID tickets and wearables.

Integration with Ticketmaster Presence

ValiDate ProTicket will supply all season tickets for suites and club level seating for both the Falcons and Atlanta United. Our new patent-pending tickets integrate with Ticketmaster’s Presence platform (Presence is a new digital platform that replaces traditional barcoded paper tickets with RFID-powered wearable passes, so venues can scan mobile devices and fans can enjoy “tap and go” convenience).

We’re also providing Mercedes-Benz stadium with NFC ticket stock for Falcons and United single game tickets and other events (we offer non-NFC tickets for companies who still need traditional ticketing while they plan their migration out of barcoding).

The widest range of NFC ticketing options

ValiDate ProTicket deals in high-quality NFC ticketing, from paper tickets to hot new wearables with our patent-pending technologies. These customer fulfillment solutions include assembly and packaging, our proven quality control for 100% error-free results, distribution and tracking (this comes in handy with the inevitable last minute changes and orders).

Ready for next-level RFID integration?

Check out the Falcons and United this fall at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium. And contact ValiDate ProTicket at or 864.640.8180.

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