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RFID event management solution handles access control, social media activation and customer analytics as zombies drink, dance and feast upon the living


(Greenville, SC — October 11, 2012) The Zombie Pub Crawl, the Minneapolis/St. Paul event organizers describe as "a cross between Mardi Gras and a George Romero movie" will host 50,000 drinking, dancing and carousing zombies on Saturday, October 13.

This year, instead of tickets with barcodes, pub crawling zombies will wear RFID-enabled wristbands, part of the Stark EM event management solution installed by Stark RFID, a Greenville, SC RFID app developer and technology integrator. RFID readers, deployed throughout the Minneapolis West Bank neighborhood and St. Paul’s Midway Stadium ("Zombie Island") will automatically track every move the zombies make, including access control — a critical improvement for the event organizers, who needed the layered access control Stark EM provides. The RFID readers will feed their high-value data to customized Stark EM software, generating real-time updates on zombie activity and intelligence for zombie analytics.

The event organizers are encouraging all ZPC wristband holders to swarm Midway Stadium ("Zombie Island") at 8PM on October 13 for Guinness World Records. Stark EM will validate the presence of "every rotting corpse," as the event describes its patrons, to set a new world record for the largest zombie gathering on earth.

"Access control and an exact head count are just part of what Stark EM offers," said Jack Tyson, VP of Sales & Marketing for Stark EM. "The Zombie Pub Crawl had used barcoded tickets, but barcoding kills the data stream as soon as the zombie enters the venue. We showed them how Stark EM eliminates manual data entry, has no line-of-sight restrictions and can track thousands of zombies simultaneously.

"Stark EM also gets the process started early with Etix, Tyson continued. "The ZPC website offers ticket sales through Etix and wristband activation via Facebook, plus email and mobile number capture. On October 13, zombies can share photography online at photo upload stands, becoming Zombie Pub Crawl brand ambassadors and recruiting new zombies."

Lance Burnett, Stark RFID President, added, "The Zombie Pub Crawl has grown from 150 zombies in 2005 to a projected attendance of 50,000 this year. Stark EM is designed to handle automatic data capture for that kind of crowd, while extending the reach of the ZPC brand and showing organizers and sponsors which stages and attractions draw the most zombies.

"We’re truly pleased to be part of this event — and not just because The Zombie Survival Guide has always been required reading at Stark RFID."

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