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Stark RFID Solutions by Industry : Overview

RFID Application Development for Improved Operations and Profitability

We specialize in RFID application development for challenging operating environments, creating clean-sheet designs or customizing existing applications. Our customized software works with UHF RFID hardware to provide real-time location systems with the data you need to track your most important assets.

Your customized RFID application development begins with an on-site assessment and evaluation of your operations. We look at challenges presented by environmental conditions, various assets in multiple locations and product movement. If personnel spend too much time searching for specific products or struggling with the limitations and line-of-site restrictions of bar coding, we can recommend optimal deployment of fixed and mobile RFID interrogators for improved routing and product location.

Your objectives define our work scope and dictate our recommendations for RFID application. Lean manufacturing principles guide our specifications, including active or passive RFID tags, fixed or mobile printers and encoders. Our RFID application development specialists identify inefficiencies and help reduce or eliminate human error. Following a successful pilot implementation, we execute a defined integration with scheduled installation and onsite training, adding tech support and a migration path for system development.

Stark RFID customers benefit from our proven RFID application development experience and commitment to building long-term relationships. You can read more about industry-specific RFID application development below.

RFID application development customized for your operating environment

  • Clean-sheet design or customization of existing applications
  • Enterprise-level RFID application development
  • Stand-alone products such as social media kiosks
  • Painless integration with enterprise IT systems
  • UHF RFID supports improved segmentation for better database development

RFID application development for

Event and Venue Management

Tighter access control and streamlined admissions

Business intelligence and customer analytics

Brand activation and social media integration

Digital wallets and stored value for more convenient sales and increased revenue

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RFID application development for

Brickyards and Building Supply

Automatic capture for real-time location systems

Better building supply inventory management for order-driven production

Improved loading efficiency

Improved shipping accuracy

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RFID application development for

Utility Poles and Hardware

Automated RFID inventory control for utility poles, cable reels and top-of-the-pole hardware

Integrates ERP with yard and repair personnel

Increases loading efficiency by up to 50%

100% pick-ticket accuracy

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RFID application development for

Retail Inventory Management

Increase sales by 10-15%

Eliminate out of stocks, cuts labor costs and improve customer service

Better back-to-floor inventory replenishment

Real-time tracking for market research

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RFID application development for

Medical and Pharmaceutical Asset Tracking

Web-based administration and passive RFID asset tracking (mobile/Cloud integration)

Real-time updates for individual products

Customized field inventory management system

ERP and Cloud integration

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