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RFID inventory management solutions improve loading efficiency and eliminate incorrect shipments

Brickyards and building supply operations face three major problems in inventory control — the need for order-driven production, loading inefficiency and incorrect shipments.  Stark FG, our automated finished goods RFID inventory management solution, solves all three problems.

Unlike barcoding, Stark FG has no line-of-sight restrictions and tracks thousands of SKUs simultaneously.  You have complete visibility inside your operation, to make every move count (Stark FG’s RFID tags are weather-proofed and designed to work in harsh industrial environments).  By integrating your ERP and operations personnel with RFID inventory management, you can organize your workflow for faster delivery and inventory turns.

RFID inventory management lets you remap your processes to cut labor costs, forklift use and loading times.  Integrated with your upstream distribution points, Stark FG can align with POS for more efficient production planning and building supply inventory management.

Real-time data drives production efficiency

stark fg rfid inventory control

Stark FG integrates best-in-class RFID inventory management hardware with our customized software, collecting real-time data, increasing turns and supporting your operation’s ability to maintain lower inventory levels.  You know where every SKU is, along with every forklift.  Your inventory data, updated in real time, helps you align production with customer and market demand.

Stark FG Smart labels include product type and lot number, to decrement product from your inventory automatically.  They also cut the time required for yard counts by 90%.

Real-time data eliminates loading inefficiency

stark rfid inventory management

If you’re using barcoding on your inventory, your forklift drivers spend too much time looking for SKUs.  Stark FG’s SmartBin feature identifies the product you need and tells your forklift drivers where to go on the grid.

SmartBin ensures that your drivers spend less time looking for SKUs.  You can also correct sub-optimal inventory locations, reducing forklift travel by moving your fast-turn products closer to wrapping machines and the loading dock.  Stark FG’s “green light/red light” validation eliminates the need for manual data entry and operator error, reducing non-value adding activity, and directing and validating product movement inside the yard and loading areas.

Stark FG’s RFID inventory management helps you stage your cubes more effectively, giving forklift drivers “green light/red light” instructions to validate order selection and transport.

Real-time data eliminates incorrect shipments

stark rfid inventory management

Stark FG eliminates order errors, including shipping the wrong product and count errors on partial and mixed pallets.  The system’s rugged, forklift-mounted touchscreen PC and RFID reader/antenna package read the printed/encoded RFID tags on your inventory, eliminating the need for manual data entry and the possibility of operator error.

Stark FG RFID inventory management integrates with your ERP to generate the pick list and bill of lading.  After directing the forklift driver where to go to find the product, the system reads the tag, verifies order accuracy and decrements the inventory.

Stark FG offers automated finished goods inventory management for:



            Boxed materials

            Bagged materials

  Building supplies

            Bulk aggregates

            Lumber and wood products

  Roofing materials

Stark FG gives you customized RFID inventory control for more efficient operations and 100% pick-ticket accuracy

  Customized RFID inventory control software integrates ERP and plant personnel

  Automated real-time manufacturing and shipping updates

  Improved inventory, asset and people management

  Increases loading efficiency by up to 50%

  100% pick-ticket accuracy