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RFID Consumer Goods Tracking & Inventory Management

  • RFID Consumer	Goods Tracking and Inventory Management
  • RFID Consumer	Goods Tracking and Inventory Management


Stark CG inventory tracking software eliminates out of stocks, cuts labor costs and improves customer service

stark CG rfid inventory control

Stark CG, our inventory control RFID solution for consumer goods, gives you automated real-time inventory management to improve per-store sales and cut labor costs.  This customized inventory tracking software and RFID hardware accelerate inventory counts, replacing the labor-intensive manual data entry of barcoding to keep the right inventory on the floor at all times.

Stark CG inventory tracking software automates non-value adding activity, like counts and inventory replenishment, leaving more time for customer service.

Better back stock to floor replenishment for retail environments



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stark CG rfid inventory control

Automated inventory replenishment

Stark CG automatically alerts store associates to move the right inventory from back stock to the floor, while checking selections for count and accuracy.  Interrogators at the point of sale read the RFID-tagged apparel automatically, making checkout faster for the customer and sending an inventory replenishment order to back stock.
RFID handhelds and portable readers work with the printed/encoded RFID tags on merchandise and our customized Stark CG inventory tracking software, eliminating manual data entry and associate error.  RFID has no line-of-sight restrictions to slow inventory replenishment, and the RFID tags are more robust than easily damaged barcodes.
Larger operations with multiple locations can replace barcoding with RFID-enabled, real-time data and see immediate improvement--in sales performance, customer service and inventory management.

stark rfid inventory management

RFID inventory management customized for your retail environment and operating conditions

Stark CG is designed to eliminate non-value adding activity and human error.  Your customized inventory control RFID solution begins with an in-store assessment and evaluation of your operating environment.  Our RFID application developers focus on challenges presented by your back stock and floor areas, deep inventories in multiple locations and inventory movement.  If your retail associates spend time searching for specific apparel types and sizes, or struggling with manual, line-of-sight inventory tracking, we can recommend placement of RFID interrogators and re-mapped processes to cut labor costs, stocking times and inventory replenishment.  We can even integrate upstream to your distribution points, for POS data and improved production planning and shipping.

stark rfid inventory management

Real-time updates for consumer tracking and market research

Stark CG also gives retailers the ability to track traffic patterns and consumer behavior inside your stores, providing real-time data updates of interest in merchandise and promotions.  Our customized inventory tracking software integrates RFID technology with your IT, to automate purchases and inventory replenishment, while eliminating congestion at the point of sale.  You can integrate Stark CG with push marketing programs, using data mining for loyalty and incentive programs, test marketing and highly targeted price promotions.
Like all Stark RFID solutions, we stand behind our Stark CG inventory tracking software with RFID tag updates and tech support, as part of our commitment to build and maintain long-term customer relationships.

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