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  • RFID Event and Venue Management


Customized event management RFID solution with automatic data capture for better event access management, business intelligence and customer analytics, and deeper customer engagement

Stark EM, our customized event management RFID solution, eliminates a common problem for sports teams, tournament hosts and entertainment or commercial venues — they invest heavily in communicating with customers and prospects, only to lose contact once customers enter the venue.

See the power of Stark RFID in action:

Real-time updates that barcoding and HF RFID can’t provide stark CG rfid inventory control

Event management RFID gives you faster admissions than barcoding can provide (Stark EM tracks hundreds or thousands of RFID credentials simultaneously).  There’s no point and click for manual data entry, so patrons enter faster and there are no problems with manual data entry.
Barcoding, the traditional solution for event access management, can’t track customers’ activity once they enter the venue. Unlike barcoding, which shuts the customer data stream off at the point where it starts to generate high-value business intelligence, Stark EM combines customized software and event management RFID hardware to let you see every move your customers make on-site.  And compared to HF RFID (which we think of as “bar coding plus”), our UHF RFID inlays offer greater read range and programming flexibility, to segment your data more effectively.
Improved access and a steady stream of business intelligence for customer analytics is only the beginning.  We customize Stark EM to integrate our software and RFID hardware with your enterprise IT, building databases, generating additional revenue, activating sponsor brands and enhancing customer service.

Stark EM event management RFID helps you track moving targets stark rfid inventory management

Stark EM’s RFID credentials can be programmed to function as digital wallets, giving your hard-core fans the ability to spend more with stored value:

  Upsell with flexible pricing and packaging (read/write RFID credentials work for self-service kiosks)

  Sell more merchandise and concessions

  Activate sponsors’ brands with RFID-triggered messaging

Your new, data-rich understanding of customer activity helps you market more effectively, with advanced registration, email and mobile number capture, social media integration and loyalty programs.  Stark EM event management RFID drives deeper engagement with your patrons and exposure to their families and friends.

We’ve tested and installed Stark EM in major venues coast to coast, giving us essential RFID application development experience.  Our “light cavalry” approach ensures a discreet, unobtrusive integration, engineered with minimal disruption to your people, facilities and operations.

Stark EM is perfect for:

  Stadium sports and events

  Golf tournaments

  Concert security

  Street festivals

  Car shows

  Summer camps

  Trade shows