Stark RFID

RFID Inventory Control of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies

  • RFID Medical Device and Pharmaceutical tracking
  • RFID Medical Device and Pharmaceutical tracking


Stark MD web-based administration and passive RFID asset tracking integrate with your mobile platform and Cloud technology.

Stark RFID has been developing RFID asset tracking and software solutions since 2004.  The Stark RFID platform currently manages over 250,000 item masters and 5 million-plus unique products annually, driven by our proven ability to integrate our RFID asset tracking software with evolving hardware and IT technologies.
Stark MD, our pharmaceutical and medical technologies RFID asset tracking solution, combines the advantages of passive RFID with evolving mobile platforms and Cloud infrastructure.  Passive RFID tags don’t use a battery, as the RFID reader supplies the power — the reader’s radio waves activate the antenna inside the passive RFID tag, which responds with its encoded memory.  Passive RFID tags offer cost and size efficiencies, as their small size and lack of a battery make them less expensive to manufacture and ideal for pharmaceuticals and small medical devices.
We have extensive experience with front-end assessment and RFID application development, offering seamless integration with enterprise-level software and backing our solutions with dedicated technical support and customer service.

Customized RFID medical asset tracking:

  RFID-enabled inventory asset management software platform

  Customized field inventory management system/iOS platform

  Integration services with your ERP and Cloud infrastructure

  Training, implementation and commissioning

  Dedicated 24/7 technical support

  Tag updates

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Manage access and user authorizations

stark CG rfid inventory control

Stark MD’s RFID asset tracking gives you complete control over pharmaceutical and high-value medical technologies, establishing, managing and processing a wide range of item masters for healthcare operations (these item masters are imported from your ERP system and follow predefined business processes and controls).  Stark MD’s proprietary product data management system lets users link to unique RFID tags with product numbers, names, serial numbers and expiration dates.  Once registration is complete, the RFID asset tracking system provides real-time updates for individual products.
These real-time updates generate on-demand reporting, with formats tailored for both land-based and mobile platforms.  The reports can include the following:

  Inventory history — displays history for individual piece mark

  Current inventory position — displays all active inventory plus location, status and associated customer (if applicable)

  Inventory by age — displays shelf life of active inventory

  Inventory by customer — displays customer’s total inventory (can be configured to show location or type, depending on customer size)

  Expired products — Displays all inventory with expired shelf life that are active in the system

  Regional reporting — Displays product usage by region

Proven web services integration using XML documents as input

stark rfid inventory management

Stark MD can use a customized document exchange service, using an XML file transfer to integrate your ERP system.  Web-based services can include the following:

  Inventory transactions (adjustments flow from Stark MD to your ERP or from the ERP to Stark MD)

  Customer information

  Item master information

  Production information (attributes are stored within the ERP)


Better process control for improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction

stark rfid inventory management

Stark MD is designed to make healthcare delivery more efficient and effective. Larger healthcare systems, with multiple patient care and inventory locations, will see an immediate improvement in loss prevention and inventory control. Our RFID tracking system integrates your ERP with your clinical assets, to support improved outcomes through the elimination of input error, loss and stocking shortages.

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