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Stark FG RFID inventory control helps utility distribution yards tighten inventory control, increase productivity and lower costs

stark fg rfid inventory control

Stark FG is a yard-focused, RFID inventory control solution designed for 100% visibility of all RFID-tagged assets, including poles, cable reels and pole hardware.  When repair crews show up at 3AM to re-supply, Stark FG decrements inventory automatically, with fixed readers seeing poles with RFID butt tags and assets with waterproof RFID tags as they move through the gates.  Larger operations with multiple distribution yards will see an immediate improvement in asset tracking and inventory management.

Repair crews don’t have time to waste looking for poles, cable or hardware, so Stark FG locates the right assets with butt tags and waterproof RFID tags, decrementing inventory automatically.

Real-time data updates eliminate lost or missing poles and hardware

stark fg rfid inventory control

Our customized RFID inventory control solutions integrate the inherent advantages of RFID over barcoding — no line-of-sight restrictions, automated real-time data capture, and the ability to track thousands of assets simultaneously.

Stark FG automates tasks that your repair crews don’t have time for, including searching for inventory and recording decrements.  Our SmartBin loading module determines the optimum inventory location and directs your forklift operators where to place finished goods (fast-moving inventory loads closest to the trucks, to cut forklift time).  Butt tags and waterproof RFID tags provide accurate reads in poor weather and harsh environments, with no line-of-sight requirements or barcode damage to slow inventory management).  Fixed RFID interrogators read tags to track asset movement and update your inventory, with “green light/red light” simplicity for forklift operators and repair crews.

Once installed, Stark FG lets your yard and repair crew personnel focus on adding value, instead of wasting time looking for assets or tracking them.  The result?  A more streamlined and efficient operation with no lost or missing assets.

Automated RFID inventory control

  Utility poles

  Cable reels

  Top-of-the-pole hardware


            Cross arms




RFID inventory control customized for your operation

  Customized RFID inventory control software integrates ERP with yard and repair personnel

  Improved inventory, asset and people management

  Increases loading efficiency by up to 50%

  100% pick-ticket accuracy

stark fg rfid inventory control

Stark FG integrates RFID inventory control hardware with our customized software, reading RFID butt tags to record decrements and eliminate lost or missing poles and equipment.