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A better connection to people and assets
RFID tags, wearables and hardware

Our solutions combine customized software, app development and reliability engineering. These efforts focus on tracking and interaction with the RFID inlays in patron credentials or tagged assets.

Stark RFID interactive exhibits

Your key to interaction and more engagement with young fans.

Stark RFID  wristbands

The data you need — with no disruption or inconvenience

We give you real-time data on your patrons and assets, without getting in the way or slowing you down. With no line-of-sight restrictions to worry about, plus the speed of automated data capture, our RFID hardware reads patron credentials and tagged assets discreetly and reliably.

Stark RFID solutions use RFID readers concealed behind walls or panels, installed in ceilings or embedded in welcome mats. Our RFID event and venue management systems work with cordless handheld units, mobile devices and our interactive kiosks.

The end result is a better connection to the people and assets that make up your business, plus the advantages of extended brand reach and business intelligence.

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Stark RFID loyalty cards and decals

Short-range RFID readers to complete transactions, exchange digital content and connect electronics with one touch.
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Stark RFID Collectable RFID credentials

Conversion of RFID tags and wearables for event and venue management, and asset tracking.
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Stark Interactive Kiosks and Interactive Portals

RFID access portals and interactive kiosks for streamlined access and deeper patron engagement.
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Stark RFID Hardware

Turnkey RFID integration with the leading RFID hardware and technologies, plus tag updates, training and tech support.
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