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Faster patron access and deeper engagement

RFID access portals and interactive kiosks

Stark EM custom access portals Wynn Superbowl 50 2016

Long lines squeeze the joy right out of the patron experience. If you’re using barcoded credentials, your patrons are standing in line — having no fun and spending no money.

Stark EM RFID access portals keep patrons moving through controlled access faster than have staff with barcode readers point and click to validate tickets one at a time.

"Red light-green light" simplicity

Barcoded tickets are a drag and they increase the possibility of fraud and operator error. Our custom-designed and fabricated RFID access portals give you instant “red light-green light” validation.

Patrons move through the access portal and present their RFID wristband or credential. Stark EM reads each unique RFID tag, validates entry and starts tracking patron activity.

Stark EM solutions eliminate the time consuming
point-and-click of barcoding systems.

Personalized patron interaction

See the power of Stark RFID in action:

Static displays don't cut it anymore.

Your younger patrons want dynamic, personalized content and Stark EM's RFID interactive kiosks deliver.

You can also use these interactive displays with ticket promos and your sponsors' brands, driving self-service ticket upgrades, targeted messaging and business intel to go with all of that engagement.

College Football Hall of Fame
Stark EM interactive displays and kiosks

Stark RFID Zombie pub crawl socila media kiosks
Patrons give you a hand with social media

Our RFID interactive kiosks extend your brand and your sponsors’ brands, reading patron credentials and connecting you with their families and friends on social media. Stark EM event registration software connects to patrons individually before they arrive, for precisely targeted marketing, timely, relevant communications and a cool factor that works with young patrons.

Stark EM data segmentation and real-time reporting tell you how your message is working in your key markets, with the detail you need to optimize event marketing and loyalty programs.