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RFID interrogators and readers, antennae and printers/encoders

RFID hardware selected for your solution requirements

We’re an RFID integrator, not a reseller. That means we spec our RFID hardware to meet your data capture and business intelligence needs, with no pressure to sell from our RFID partners.

Stark RFID solutions include RFID hardware from the industry’s most innovative OEMs.

RFID antenna gateway

Our turnkey RFID integration features these RFID technologies, plus our software customization,
application development, tag updates, training and tech support:

RFID interrogators/RFID readers
RFID Interrogators & Readers

Our RFID solutions use RFID interrogators and fixed and mobile RFID readers.

RFID antenna
RFID Antennae

We offer RFID antennae designed for both fixed and handheld applications, as well as robust, vehicle mounted applications .

RFID printers
RFID Printers & Encoders

We offer multi-function and RFID printers and label encoders, including RFID encoders for EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID tags.