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RFID Tags & Wearables
For event/venue management and asset tracking

RFID tags and RFID credentials

Stark RFID uses UHF Gen 2 RFID tags for longer read ranges and faster data transfer. This is the industry benchmark and fastest growing market segment in RFID. We deploy millions of RFID tags, tracking people and assets for clients in event and venue management, retail and finished goods, and hospitals.

Our application developers can work with you to create customized RFID tags and labels based on your data collection needs and operating environment.

We don’t sweat the form factor

We work with a wide range of RFID inlays, combining them in credentials, tags and wearables in various shapes and sizes. Check ‘em out:

Stark RFID Collectable RFID credentials

Collectible RFID Credentials

  • Connect with your hardcore fans
  • Build lifelong bonds with young fans
  • Custom-designed series using your brand and images
  • Real-time tracking and database development
Stark RFID  wristbands

Customized RFID Wearables

  • RFID wristbands Ideal for concerts
  • Programmable for layered access control
  • Stored value for digital wallet/cashless transactions
  • Social media integration
  • Available with customized programming for database development and biz intel
Stark RFID loyalty cards and decals

RFID Loyalty Cards & Decals

  • More data capture than barcoded loyalty cards
  • No line-of-sight restrictions
  • No point-and-click to slow lines down
  • No manual data entry or operator error
Stark RFID Parking Hang Tags

RFID Parking Hang Tags

  • RFID readers automatically read and track cars
  • Accelerated access control (no point-and-click)
  • Improved perimeter security
  • No manual data entry or operator error
Stark RFID Adhesive RFID Smart labels

Adhesive RFID Smart Labels

  • Perfect for warehousing and supply chain applications
  • Available in various sizes, formats and read ranges
  • Customized for your specific applications
Stark RFID UV-resistant RFID Smart placards

UV-resistant RFID Smart Placards

  • Weather-resistant for long-term use in harsh environments
  • Ideal for brickyards, building supply warehousing and utility operations
  • RFID Smart labels and placards customized for specific applications
Stark RFID Battery-assisted RFID tags

Battery-assisted RFID Tags

  • Ideal for data collection requiring reads over 50 feet
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Thin, flexible form factors
Stark RFID passive tags

Passive RFID Tags

  • Ideal for medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Lower cost and flexible form factors
  • No power source (reader activates antenna and encoded memory)
Stark RFID custom rfid tags

RFID tag conversion and customization

We’re an RFID tag converter, so we combine the sale of RFID tags and labels with engineering and tech support. We can convert your current RFID tags or labels to Smart tags, so they work with your Stark RFID solution.

Don't see exactly what you need?

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