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Stark CG - Consumer Goods Tracking

  • RFID consumer Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark CG
  • RFID consumer Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark CG
  • RFID consumer Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark CG


Real-time location system delivers lower costs, better customer service and improved margins

Stark CG, our customized RFID solution for retail inventory management, tracks high-value consumer goods from manufacturing through distribution to point of sale. Our retail inventory management software integrates the proven advantages of RFID (no line-of-sight restrictions, automated, real-time data capture, and the ability to track thousands of SKUs simultaneously) with your ERP, for better planning, faster inventory turns and improved profitability.

Apparel RFID solutions with Smart tags

Losing your shirt on inventory management?
stark CG rfid inventory control

Your Stark CG retail inventory management solution begins with an on-site assessment of your operations, dialing in on the challenges of your distribution, retail environment and inventory locations. If your warehouse and distribution associates spend time looking for SKUs or struggling with manual inventory tracking, we can install RFID interrogators and re-map your processes for lower labor costs and shorter lead times. Stark CG automated real-time data updates eliminate waste and give you the individual item control you need (you can print and encode our RFID Smart tags with up to 96 bits of product information).

Fewer out-of-stock incidents and complete traceability

Automated, real-time updates on your inventory eliminates out-of-stocks.
stark rfid inventory management

When orders are ready to ship, Stark FG directs your warehouse associates to the correct product location and verifies order specs. Automated inventory replenishment reduces out-of-stock incidents at distribution and the point of sale, supporting JIT inventory resupply and faster inventory turns.

Stark CG reads Smart tags from virtually any angle, with no line-of-sight restrictions. You can assign unique lot numbers for multiple production runs and locate these runs in separate rows. Real-time updates run up and down the supply chain, so your associates can locate products and orders instantly.

Stark CG at a Glance

  • RFID/ERP integration automates retail inventory management
  • Asset tracking customized for warehousing and retail
  • RFID tags verify order accuracy and update inventory
  • Smart tags eliminate manual data entry and operator error
  • No line-of-sight requirements or bar code damage to slow counts
  • Training for distribution and retail personnel
  • RFID tag updates and tech support
prevent counterfeiting and theft with rfid

Electronic audit trail prevents counterfeiting and eliminates billing disputes

Stark CG’s chain-of-custody documentation helps eliminate counterfeiting

Stark CG apparel RFID solutions comply with all current and pending federal and state legislation for e-pedigrees, giving you documented, end-to-end traceability. This audit trail helps fight counterfeiting and eliminates theft, invoicing disputes and charge-back fees. Larger operations, with multiple locations, will see immediate improvement in inventory management and customer service, as associates spend more time on customer service and sales.