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Stark EM — RFID Event & Venue Management

RFID access control beats barcoding solutions

RFID Event and venue access control

Long lines are a drag for your customers and your revenue stream.  Stark EM RFID access control keeps people moving, for shorter lines and less waiting.  Our customized event management RFID software and UHF RFID hardware combine for greater read range than tickets with bar codes or HF RFID (we think of HF RFID as “bar coding plus”).

Stark EM uses Gen 2 UHF RFID tags for RFID access control, so it offers better range and readability (up to 25 feet) than HF systems.  The Gen 2 tags in our RFID credentials are less expensive on a per-tag level, for a faster return on investment, with a wide range of programming options for more control and a better customer experience.

  RFID credentials scan in and out with red light/green light simplicity

  Stark EM reads hundreds of RFID credentials simultaneously (badges, tickets and wristbands), tracking fans, artists/players and staff

  RFID access control offers layered access options (gates, media centers, restricted areas)

  Password encryption, plus added security for RFID credentials

  RFID credentials function in both connected and disconnected modes

RFID Event and venue access control