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Stark EM — RFID Event & Venue Management

Layered access control and ultra-secure
identification and validation
Stark EM RFID biometrics

Stark EM includes RFID biometric options for events and venues requiring additional security and layered access control. We can add iris capture and matching, facial or voice recognition and fingerprint ID to your Gen 2UHF RFID credentials, digitizing these files for enterprise-wide usage

  • Iris images contain 100 more reference points than fingerprints
  • Stark EM RFID biometrics available on Smart phone with camera functionality
  • Data automatically saved with easy to use interface

These heightened security measures are ideal for meeting insurance requirements for high-value assets or protecting the security of athletes, artists or public figures. We can integrate RFID biometrics with your Stark EM platform for customized security requirements.

Stark AT Asset Tracking and Inventory Managment Solutions

Fingerprint ID for fast on-site validation

Stark EM includes an available fingerprint identification option, using advanced fingerprint matching technology for instant ID and verification. We can give you a choice of fingerprint scanners, so you’re not tied to a specific hardware vendor.

Stark EM RFID biometrics delivers fast validation to authorized staff within your network.

Iris capture and matching beats fingerprinting

Stark EM offers iris capture and matching, using infrared iris scanners for hi-res images of the iris. Iris images can hold up to 100 more reference points than fingerprints, with scanners securely integrated with your database.

The image capture is fast and easy, with the data matched to your Stark EM credentials and ready for scanning by your RFID hardware.

Stark EM RFID biometrics can be equipped to scan irises for tighter perimeter control.

Stark AT Asset Tracking and Inventory Managment Solutions

Stark AT Asset Tracking and Inventory Managment Solutions

Facial recognition for fast, secure validation

If you prefer to use facial recognition, we can integrate a camera system and digital photo manager option. Your system identifies key facial characteristics and matches individuals against your database.

Stark EM RFID biometrics works with Smart phones to cut down on capital costs.

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