Stark RFID

Stark EM — RFID Event & Venue Management

Connect for ongoing patron relationships

Social Media and Brand integration using RFID

Stark EM RFID brand activation and social media integration connect you and your sponsors to customers, for extended brand reach among families and friends. And you can link to your customers with greater targeting precision, for more timely, relevant communications:

  Advanced registration

  Email and mobile number capture

  Venue photography at photo upload stands

  Social media population

  Arrival information (welcome, in-venue events, sponsor offers, etc.)

Your patrons can opt in for real-time updates on Facebook that mention your brand, connecting you to thousands of consumers.

RFID Social Media Kiosks

Turn your patrons into brand ambassadors

We use Gen 2 UHF RFID inlays to connect your customers through social networks, as well as engagement points in the venue. RFID-triggered advertising helps connect your sponsors to their key customer prospects, while turning your customers into ambassadors for your events.

Our RFID business intelligence gives you a new, data-rich understanding of customer activity, to market more effectively, with advanced registration, email and mobile number capture, social media integration and loyalty programs.

Stark EM tracked 50,000 drinking, dancing and carousing zombies at the 2012 Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.