Stark RFID

Stark EM — RFID Event & Venue Management

Track thousands of customers inside the venue

RFID Event Managment customer analytics and tracking

Stark EM RFID business intelligence monetizes your data with key metrics on patron activity inside your venue:

    Length of stay

    Peak time

    Traffic flow


    Population segmentation

    Real-time counts

    Hot spots

We configure your RFID business intelligence for real-time tracking and better target market segmentation (your new, data-driven understanding of patron activity helps you market more effectively). 

Give sponsors detailed, accurate data on event traffic

RFID business intelligence

Our RFID business intelligence generates a customized data stream, with UHF RFID tags for a greater read range and more programming options than HF tags or bar codes, allowing you to customize your data stream for specific sponsor data requests.

We configure your Stark EM solution for customized RFID business intelligence gathering, with real-time tracking and more effective segmentation.  You can give prospective corporate sponsors more detailed, accurate breakdowns of event traffic, showing them how to leverage their brands more effectively, while making sure that your sponsors and guests enjoy highly personalized, VIP attention before, during and after the event.  Stark EM also generates detailed patron asset profiles, for upselling and improved relationship management.