Stark RFID

Stark EM — RFID Event & Venue Management

RFID digital wallet

Give your customers the convenience — and spending power — of a digital wallet with stored value

Make it easy for your hardcore fans to get the merchandise they want by connecting them with stored value

Stark EM offers stored value for tighter connections to your hard-core fans. Stark EM Gen 2 UHF RFID tags are read-write, instead of read-only, so you can upsell and patrons can upgrade their tickets or add more stored value. When it’s easier for patrons to spend, they can buy more merchandise and concessions.

RFID Social Media Kiosks

Improved inventory control

Stark EM also integrates with your inventory management, to make sure you have the products to meet increased or cyclical demand. Our customized software gives you automated, real-time updates on inventory, eliminating out-of-stock incidents and supporting JIT inventory resupply and faster inventory turns. Because Stark EM reads RFID tags from virtually any angle, with no line-of-sight restrictions, your associates can locate products and fill orders quickly and easily.