Stark RFID

Stark FG - Finished Goods Tracking

  • RFID Finished Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark FG
  • RFID Finished Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark FG
  • RFID Finished Goods asset tracking with RFID - Stark FG

Stark FG — Finished goods RFID inventory management for 50% more operating efficiency and 100% pick-ticket accuracy

Eliminate waste and operator error for better inventory control, loading and delivery

We introduced Stark FG, our finished goods RFID inventory management solution, in 2005. Today, Stark FG tracks one billion-plus bricks annually. We’ve also customized RFID asset tracking solutions for manufacturers of treated wood products, building supplies, and utility poles and hardware.

These solutions integrate the proven advantages of RFID asset tracking — no line-of-sight restrictions, automated, real-time data updates, and the ability to track thousands of assets simultaneously — with your ERP system. Stark FG’s RFID/ERP integration supports order-driven production, lower inventory levels and faster inventory turns to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

Customized RFID inventory management

Customized RFID/ERP integration for real-time location capability.
stark fg rfid forklift packages

Your Stark FG inventory management solution begins with an on-site assessment and evaluation of your operations, dialing in on the challenges of your operating environment — your raw materials, finished goods, locations, and asset movement. If your forklift drivers spend time searching for specific products or struggling with line-of-sight inventory tracking, we can improve productivity with the placement of forklift RFID packages and re-map your processes to cut labor costs, forklift usage and loading times.

Stark FG combines our customized RFID inventory management software with RFID hardware and labels (you print and encode 8-inch wide, weatherproof RFID labels with up to 96 bits of product information). Our SmartBin loading module instructs your forklift operators where to place or locate products, positioning fast-moving inventory closest to the loading docks to cut forklift travel and load times.

Red light/green light order verification

Eliminate manual data entry and operator error
stark rfid order verification

With orders ready to ship, Stark FG’s RFID/ERP integration generates a pick list and bill of lading, transmitting orders to forklift operators, directing them to the product location and verifying order specs. Correct loads trigger a green light and “loaded” button on the forklift RFID interrogator (incorrect loads are displayed in red and the “loaded” button doesn’t appear, indicating a loading error). When forklift operators press the “loaded” button, Stark FG decrements the product from your inventory.

Stark FG at a Glance

  • Automated real-time data tracking for order-driven production
  • Forklift RFID readers eliminate manual data entry and operator error
  • SmartBin loading module selects optimal inventory location
  • Weatherproof RFID labels for harsh environments
  • RFID/ERP integration generates pick list and bill of lading
  • RFID interrogator verify order accuracy and decrement inventory
  • RFID asset tracking customized for your plant
  • Training, RFID tag updates and tech support
increased productivity with rfid

Increase overall productivity by up to 50%

More efficient throughput supports JIT production, lower inventory levels and faster turns, particularly with multiple location operations.

Your Stark FG RFID inventory management solution is designed to increase overall productivity by 30-50%. Larger operations with multiple locations will see an immediate improvement in inventory control, raw materials usage, asset tracking and employee management. Automating real-time manufacturing and shipping data with your ERP system supports Lean operations through the elimination of wasted movement and operator error.